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New theatre in Dumbarton with capacity of 1,000, Admission 2d to 6d

Opening of Electric in Aberdeen by J Bannister Howard (same as Picture Theatre above?). Seating for 400. Opened by Councillor Wallace. Continuous performances from 3pm to 10.30pm. Prices 3d to 6d. 6d includes serving of tea in the afternoon. Opened Friday last.
Electric Theatre
J Bannister Howard

Away Up North reports that George Green has been granted permission to turn Rurherglen Skating Pavilion into a cinema. Mentions Star Cinema Partick and reports on popularity of cinema in small towns
Star Palace
Partick, Glasgow

FILM INDEX - released during October
Twa Hieland Lads
[1910.07.19 US]
Weary Willie and Tired Tim in the Army

TitleItems of Interest
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