Eglinton Electreum, Glasgow

Name(s)Eglinton Electreum
Address25, Eglinton Street
Year Opened1911
TypeFilm only
InfoBuilt under a tenement and workshop, behind or in a billiard room owned by Alexander Gilchrist. Plans in Glasgow City Archives, 1911/256 Only cinema to advertise in Forward (the ILP paper). \"It was the first real cinema on the south side of the city. Bailie PG Stewart, Mr George Barnes, once leader of the Labour party, and Keir Hardie were great friends of the boss. We had meetings of the ILP on Sundays\" It was one of the first cinemas designed by architect James McKissack.
SourceEnt 11/13, EvT 10.06.12, The Bioscope 28.12.11, The Bioscope 28.05.14


Alexander Gilchrist

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