Britannia/Panopticon/Tron Cinema, Glasgow

Name(s)Britannia/Panopticon/Tron Cinema
Address115, Trongate
Year Opened1896
InfoThe Britannia opened as a music hall in 1857 in a converted warehouse. After several changes of management, its proprietor William Kean reopened in 1896 with a cinematographe show run by Arthur Hubner, who then took over the management of the hall and continued to use films as part of the music-hall entertainment. In 1905 it reopened under the management of A. E. Pickard, who then took over a neighbouring waxworks and renamed his entertainment complex the Panopticon. Films continued to be shown as part of the music-hall performances as Pickard\'s cinema circuit expanded. In 1924 the venue was renamed the Tron Cinema, and it continued to operate until 1938. Restoration work is ongoing by the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust.
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