Pringle's Picture Palace / Queen's Theatre, Glasgow

Name(s)Pringle\'s Picture Palace / Queen\'s Theatre
Address12, Watson St, Calton
Year Opened1907
Buildingmusic hall
InfoOpen in 1878 as the Star Music Hall above a warehouse. It was renovated and reopened as the Shakespeare in 1881 and soon after as the New Star. It closed for several years after a fatal disaster and was reopened as the Queen\'s, retaining its working-class appeal and prices with a capacity of over 2000. In November 1907 Ralph Pringle took over the theatre as a cine-variety venue, the first permanent one in the city. In 1908 Pringle negotiated the purchase of the venue from the City Improvements Committee (Glasgow Corporation) for 9000. During the First World War it was leased by Frutin\'s for cine-variety, becoming a variety-only venue in the 1920s under the name of Queen\'s Theatre. See also:
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