Hippodrome / King's, Kirkcaldy

Name(s)Hippodrome / King\'s
Address260A, High Street
Year Opened1908
TypeFilm only
InfoBuilt as RC Buchanan\'s King\'s Theatre in 1904. In Nov 1908, it advertised “the American Bioscope”. In May 1909, a short season of films presented by Mrs C Ellis is announced. The threatre reopened in October that year after alterations by AE Abrams and Mrs Ellis Fredricks, of the Borough Theatre, Stratford. Taken over by the BB Pictures in 1914, and SCVT in 1917.
SourceThe Bioscope 20.05.09, The Bioscope 27.05.09, Bioscope Annual 1915, The Bioscope 28.08.17

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