Cinema House, Oban

Name(s)Cinema House
Address73 George Street
Year Opened1913
TypeFilm only
InfoThe Oban Cinema House Ltd was registered in April 1913 and the cinema opened in July. For most of the period, the Oban Cinema House was the most westerly cinema on the Scottish mainland, with only the Lewis Picture House in Stornoway on the Island of Lewis, opened in 1915, to its West. The Cinema House burned down in 1958; its Thomson-Houston projector installed in 1938 can be found in the Oban War and Peace Museum. In the 1970s, the Phoenix Cinema was built in the same place. This became the Highland Theatre and in 2012 was reopened as a community cinema. See
SourceBio 10.07.13, Bioscope Annual 1915, The Bioscope 02.07.14


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